How to care for your flowers

Want to know how to make your flowers last?  Here we give tips on how to care for your bouquets to keep them fresher for longer.


Carefully remove any packaging from your flowers.

Do not remove any string or elastic from a hand-tied bouquet as this is holding the bouquet together. This can be removed once the flowers are in the vase.

Cut approx. 2 – 3cm at an angle with a sharp pair of scissors or secateurs from the base of each stem. Cutting at an angle will result in a larger surface area from which your flowers can drink.

Remove any leaves from stems that will be below waterline.

Place the bouquet in a clean vase filled with fresh water preferably at room temperature and filled with two thirds water.

Once arranged, place somewhere away from draughts, direct sunlight, heat sources and ripening fruit – all of these factors can affect how long your flowers will last.

Re-cut stems every 3 days and change the water regularly.

Some flowers can be harmful if consumed so care should be taken to keep out of reach of children and pets.

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